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What motivates you to invest in real estate in Panama?

Below, we present 10 reasons to consider this option.

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Many foreigners who live in Panama highlight the country as a place with excellent infrastructure, good mobility and a pleasant climate. In addition to high-quality medical services, access to international brands and basic services such as high-quality internet. Many have chosen this country as their place of residence due to its economic, political, social advantages and lifestyle. Investing in real estate is a great opportunity in Panama, as it offers various opportunities for foreign investors beyond being just a tourist or residential destination. As a developing, modern and welcoming nation, Panama stands out for its energy and the friendliness of its people, making it an ideal place to invest in the real estate market.

Below are 10 reasons why individuals from other countries choose to invest in this nation:

  1. In the last ten years, Panama has been the country in Latin America with the highest economic growth and constant stability in its development. In addition to being a safe place with high levels of legal security, this makes it an attractive place to live and invest worry-free.

  2. The culture in Panama is very diverse and can be seen reflected in the joy and kindness of its inhabitants, as well as in the mix of cultures that is reflected in its architecture, food, music and art. All this makes living and investing in this country an enriching experience.

  3. Panama's global connectivity is strengthened with the expansion of the Tocumen International Airport, becoming a strategic point in Latin America by offering direct routes to more than 89 international destinations. This benefits the business and tourism sectors by facilitating transfers between countries.

  4. Many people choose Panama as their ideal place to retire due to the benefits it offers to retirees. This decision is due to inclusive and advantageous public policies that guarantee a high quality of life for foreign residents in the country.

  5. The territory of Panama has a variety of beaches in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, in addition to more than a thousand islands, which makes it an ideal destination for the construction of tourist and residential projects in a paradisiacal environment.

  6. Panama offers investors more than 40 incentive laws that facilitate investment in different sectors, providing attractive tax and operational benefits to increase the return on investment.

  7. Panama offers a wide variety of high-quality golf courses year-round, thanks to the presence of renowned designers such as Jack Nicklaus. This attracts sports fans and contributes to tourism in the region.

  8. Panama has stood out in the world for its production of Geisha coffee, an exclusive variety grown in special microclimates that make it one of the best coffees in the world. This production has attracted tourism and international recognition for the country.

  9. The investment of foreign money has generated significant growth in the real estate market, with modern urban and tourism projects offering possibilities for short-term profits.

  10. Life in Panama is a mix between tradition and modernity, which creates a dynamic and diverse environment with many cultural, gastronomic and leisure options for both residents and tourists. It is considered a good investment to bet on this country since it has economic stability, cultural diversity, tax incentives and an attractive lifestyle that is conducive to the success of real estate and commercial projects.

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