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Many foreigners choose Panama as their retirement home. It's not hard to believe why. A quick reason: Panama is considered a high-income economy, with amenities, infrastructure, and a socioeconomic level similar to First World countries.

Panama has hidden gems on its shores.

It is considered one of the most competitive economies in Latin America, with adequate security and protection measures that can attract foreigners who choose the country as their retirement home.

Panama also offers some of the best white sand beaches and calm waters in the world. The country provides you with the ultimate tropical backdrop, offering sunny coastal beaches that are not only perfect for vacations but also for full-time living.

Let's break down the best beach towns in the country.

1. Pedasí: Incredible Panamanian gem

Pedasí is one of the most impressive fishing cities in the country. This small town is located in Las Tablas and stands out for being considered the country's tuna coast, which makes Pedasí a reference destination for sport fishermen.

There are restaurants and inns in the area, so it's not really a boring area. Pedasí has ​​a number of clean, uncrowded local beaches that would appeal to beachgoers. Surfers would love this city for its exceptional waves.

It's no wonder, then, to discover that this region has become one of the top retirement destinations.

2. Contadora: main weekend destination

From Panama City, it only takes a 20-minute flight to reach Contadora Island, which many consider to be their main weekend destination. The island has 11 amazing beaches and has a number of inns, restaurants and shops for your daily needs.

It is an elegant and serene island, with low or almost zero crime rates. The locals are very hospitable and eager to take tourists.

You can visit islands, fish for tuna or just take a romantic walk. Some of the large mansions on the island belong to some of the wealthiest families in the country.

3. Bocas del Toro: Caribbean paradise

It is the westernmost province of Panama, on the border with Costa Rica. But Bocas del Toro is best known around the world for its incredible islands.

Virgin beaches and amazing coves await tourists from all over the world.

4. Coronado: Top Retirement Destination

Coronado is considered the most prominent retirement destination in Panama. Known for its sparkling white sands, this seaside town is a go-to place for wealthy locals looking for weekend homes.

Now, the place offers new comforts and amenities, such as shopping malls and supermarkets.

5. Guna Yala: an exciting ecological experience

Experience the simple and ecological life with Guna Yala, away from the cares of the world. There are no malls or shops here. You wouldn't even find resorts here, just simple cabins and hostels.

Here you can enjoy crystal clear waters, eat delicious seafood and drink coconut water.

But Panama is not only known for its impressive beaches. The highlands of the country inspire people, with lush green surroundings covering the slopes. Exotic tropical forests, colorful birds, orchids out of this world and cold climates make Panama a tourist destination for people.

mountain paradises

Here are the best highland areas to retire in Panama:

1. Santa Fe: simple lifestyle

Santa Fe is a picturesque town high up in the province of Veraguas.

Expats can enjoy a simple lifestyle, biking, horseback riding, and hiking on mountain trails.

2. The Valley: the best location

If you prefer to live close to, say a city or a beach, and still want to experience cool climates, check out El Valle.

It offers life in the mountains, but still close to Panama City and the beach.

3. Boquete: Premier Retirement Destination

Think of Boquete as one of the most active expat communities in Panama. Since the community is active and well established, you won't have a hard time settling in.

The expat community together with the locals have established a weekly market, library, among others.

4. Cerro Azul: Good location

Cerro Azul used to be known as a good weekend destination. After all, it's an hour's drive from Panama City. Cerro Azul is close to the Tocumen International Airport.

The city offers some of the best mountain views in Panama.

As with most of the mountain towns on this list, you'll find the area lined with Swiss-style colleges, pine trees, and flowers.

5. Sora: elegant and serene

Sora is peaceful and collected, perfect for expats retiring. Pine trees are everywhere.

The town is small, with a few shops and restaurants.

Whether you choose a beach house or a mountain cabin, you can't go wrong with Panama. A series of advantages and benefits await those who retire in the country, including exemption from import taxes, discounts on utility bills, loans, among others.

Enjoy life as you should. Live in style in Panama.

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