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Planning to move to Panama? These are the areas preferred by expatriates

If you're looking for a new place to call home, Panama has become one of the most popular destinations for expats. Whether you're looking for year-round warm weather, an excellent quality of life, or new job opportunities, this Central American country has a lot to offer. In this article, we will introduce you to the areas preferred by expats in Panama, where you can find the perfect combination of comfort and local charm. Get ready to discover your next dream destination!

Why Panama is a popular destination for ex-pats

Panama is one of the most attractive countries for those looking for a different place to live. Located in the heart of Latin America, this small country offers a unique combination of modernity, cultural diversity and natural beauty.

There are many reasons why Panama has become a preferred destination for expats. Firstly, its strategic location makes it ideal for those who want to travel easily to other parts of the world. With its interoceanic canal, Panama has become an important logistics and commercial center, which means that there is a wide range of international flights to and from the country.

Additionally, Panama's tropical climate is another factor that attracts many expats. With warm temperatures throughout the year and two distinct seasons (the dry season and the rainy season), this country has a very pleasant climate for those who prefer to avoid extremes of cold or intense heat.

Another important reason why Panama is so popular among expats is its stable economy. The US dollar is the country's official currency, providing economic stability.

Panama City: The most developed and cosmopolitan area of the country

Panama City is the capital and largest city of Panama, located on the Pacific coast. It is considered the most developed and cosmopolitan area of the country, with a unique mix of cultures and vibrant urban life.

The city has an impressive skyline filled with modern skyscrapers that contrast with well-preserved historic neighborhoods. It is also home to major international companies and has a constantly growing economy, which has attracted numerous expatriates in search of job opportunities.

One of the main attractions of Panama City is its quality of life. The city offers efficient public services, a modern healthcare system, and access to international education. It also has a wide variety of dining options, from local restaurants to gourmet international cuisine.

Additionally, Panama City is known for its lively nightlife. Expats can enjoy bars, clubs and casinos in different areas such as Calle Uruguay or Casco Viejo, the renovated historic center that combines colonial buildings with elegant boutiques and exclusive restaurants.

Another advantage for those moving to Panama City is the climate, tropical all year round.

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- Main characteristics of this area

The country of Panama is one of the most attractive destinations for expats due to its tropical climate, stunning landscapes, and constantly growing economy. If you are considering moving to this beautiful country, it is important that you know the main characteristics of each area to make an informed decision.

1. Panama City: The country's capital is known for its vibrant urban life and modernity. Here you'll find a wide variety of living options, from luxurious apartments in the financial center to cheaper homes in the suburbs. In addition, the city has excellent public services, efficient transportation and a great cultural offer.

2. Casco Antiguo | Old Town: This historic area has become one of the most popular places among expats due to its colonial charm and cobblestone streets full of history. Although it may be a little more expensive to live here, many people choose this area for its bohemian atmosphere, gourmet restaurants, and art galleries.

3. Pacific Coast: If you prefer to be near the sea, then this is the ideal area for you. On the Pacific coast, you will find beautiful beaches like Coronado or Punta Chame, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea all year round. This area also has a wide range of beachfront condominiums and homes.

4. Caribbean Coast: If you are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, the Caribbean coast is ideal for you. Coastal cities like Bocas del Toro or Puerto Viejo are known for their Caribbean atmosphere, crystal-clear beaches and a very diverse international community.

5. Interior of the country: If you prefer to live in a more rural environment, the interior of the country offers beautiful mountainous landscapes and a connection with nature. The cities of Boquete and El Valle de Antón are popular with former

patriated for their cool climate, outdoor activities and friendly communities.

In short, Panama offers a variety of options for different lifestyles, from the modernity of the city to the tranquility of coastal or rural areas. It is important to research each area and evaluate your needs before making a decision about where to live in this beautiful country.

- Advantages of living in Panama City

Panama City is one of the most popular destinations for those who want to move to a foreign country. This vibrant city offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, with a growing economy and rich culture.

- Strategic location: One of the biggest advantages of living in Panama City is its geographical location. Being located between two oceans, this city becomes an important commercial and financial center for the rest of the continent.

- Job opportunities: The Panamanian economy is constantly growing, which means that there are a large number of job opportunities available. Many international companies have their headquarters in the capital, making it easy to find work.

- Modern infrastructure: The city has excellent infrastructure, including well-maintained roads, reliable public services and efficient public transportation systems. This makes daily life much easier and allows residents to move smoothly throughout the city.

- Cultural variety: Due to its history as an important commercial center for centuries.

- Cost of living and housing options in the city

The cost of living in Panama City can vary depending on the area in which you decide to live. In general, more central and touristy areas tend to have a higher cost of living, while areas further away from the center may be cheaper.

A popular choice among expats is the Punta Pacifica area, located in the financial heart of the city. Here you will find luxurious residential buildings with sea views and a wide range of services and amenities. However, the average price to rent an apartment here can range from $1,500 to $3,000 per month.

Another area favored by expats is Costa del Este, known for its modern condominiums and peaceful atmosphere. Although prices are a little lower than in Punta Pacifica, you can still expect to pay around $1,200 to $2,500 per month for an apartment.

If you are looking for a more affordable option but equally comfortable and safe, then El Cangrejo could be ideal for you. This residential area has a large number of international restaurants and lively bars nearby at average prices.

Boquete: A popular choice among American retirees

Boquete, located in the province of Chiriquí, is one of the most popular options among American retirees who decide to move to Panama. With a temperate climate and impressive landscapes, this town has become a refuge for those seeking tranquility and quality of life during their retirement.

In addition to the pleasant climate and natural environment, Boquete offers a wide variety of services and amenities for its foreign residents. From supermarkets with international products to restaurants with typical and international food, here you will find everything you need to feel at home.

One of the main attractions of Boquete is its multicultural and welcoming community. American expats have integrated seamlessly with the local population, creating a unique mix of cultures that enriches the experience of living here.

Another important advantage is the cost of living in Boquete, which is still quite affordable compared to other Western countries. Many retirees find an affordable way to enjoy their retirement without compromising their lifestyle.

As for activities, Boquete offers a wide variety to stay active during the day. From hiking along nature trails to golf or tennis.

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