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Panama awarded as the best tourist destination in Latin America and South America

Global Traveler magazine awarded Panama recognition for its rich culture, according to voters. Granted by Promtur.

In the twelfth edition of the Leisure Lifestyle Awards, Panama has been awarded for the third consecutive year as the "Best Leisure Destination" in Latin and South America. These awards, organized by the American magazine Global Traveler, annually recognize the performance of tourist destinations and brands in the leisure, luxury and lifestyle travel categories.

Panama has been recognized by readers of Global Traveler magazine for its vibrant culture, captivating biodiversity and impressive architecture, beating destinations such as Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Mendoza in this category. In several articles, the magazine has highlighted activities such as hiking, gastronomy, water sports and visits to indigenous communities on the banks of the Chagres River, among others.

The publication recommends a 10-day stay to fully enjoy all the experiences that Panama offers, according to the statement from Promtur, Panama's destination marketing organization.

Jennifer Janson, marketing director of Promtur, thanked Panamanians for this recognition granted to the destination during the awards ceremony in Pennsylvania, United States. "This award excites and makes us proud, as it once again highlights Panama as the best destination in the region, thanks to our rich culture, biodiversity and natural beauty," she mentioned.

This award from Leisure Lifestyle Awards adds to the multiple recognitions that Panama has received in the last three years, including the TripAdvisor awards, "The Best of the Best 2024" in categories such as Trending Destinations to Visit and Best Gastronomic Destinations at Level International.

Global Traveler is a publisher based in the United States, with an audience of more than 500,000 readers, mainly with high purchasing power.

To choose the winners, the publisher conducted a survey of its readers from July 15, 2023 to March 8, 2024, with open questions to highlight the best in various categories, from leisure travel, luxury and lifestyle The survey was carried out thoroughly, allowing participants to share their experiences and opinions about their preferred destinations and services. This recognition not only reinforces Panama's reputation as a premier tourist destination, but also drives the local tourism industry to continue improving and offering unique experiences to visitors.

The diversity of activities that Panama offers tourists is one of the aspects most highlighted by voters. From exploring the Panama Canal, one of the wonders of modern engineering, to visiting the San Blas Islands, where you can enjoy paradisiacal beaches and learn about the indigenous Guna culture. Additionally, Panama City combines modernity and tradition, with its UNESCO World Heritage-listed old town and skyscrapers defining the skyline.

Biodiversity is another of the country's great attractions. With national parks such as Coiba National Park, which is home to incredible marine diversity, and Soberanía National Park, ideal for birdwatching lovers, Panama is positioned as an ideal destination for ecotourists.

Panamanian gastronomy has also received praise, with an offering ranging from traditional food to fusion cuisine, reflecting the country's rich cultural heritage. Award-winning restaurants, such as Donde José and Maito, offer visitors an unforgettable culinary experience, combining local ingredients with innovative techniques.

Panama's tourism infrastructure continues to evolve, with new hotels, resorts and services that seek to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding tourists. This recognition from Global Traveler is a testament to the continued effort to position Panama as a destination of choice for travelers from around the world.

In summary, Panama has not only been awarded for its natural beauty and cultural wealth, but also for the hospitality of its people and the quality of its tourist services. This award is an incentive to continue growing and improving, ensuring that each visitor has a memorable experience in this vibrant Central American country.

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